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PriceFrom £199.99

This is my version of the Gen 1 Mille fairing.
I believe this is the only pre-preg faring and therefore the lightest available.
The standard faring weighs in at a hefty 7.8kgs, mine is just 1.8kg, so a massive saving.


The standard mid panel comes in 4 seperate parts and mine is just one.

I can cut a hole in the belly for the side stand and drill and fit some drain holes/ bungs  for drainage if you require them.

These parts come un-lacquered, so are just bare carbon.

  • Lead Time.

    Due to the size and cost of these parts I make them to order. So please contatc me for a lead time.

  • Handmade Items.

    This item is handmade and comes un-lacquered, so it has a raw carbon finish and have few small visual imperfections.

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