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Carbon Chainring Cover.

Carbon Chainring Cover.


Here is my own design for an aero carbon chainring cover.
You can see it is very light and I have tested these on two of bikes, my road and gravel bikes (I know it's a bit extreme for a gravel bike, but testing is testing) for over 3,000 miles with speeds up to 48mph.

I make them for all Shamino 110mm BCD cranks in either 53, 54 and 56 tooth chainring fitted. * Will fit with powermeters.

If you are running a 58 tooth (well done for having the legs to turn it) or bigger the 56 will fit but there will be a small gap between the cover and the chain.

*They may fit other cranksets with 3M tape but I haven't tested this, so it is done at your own risk.

  • Fitting.

    To fit this item you will need to remove your crank assembly from your bike.

    You can see if it fits by securing two cable ties around the 'spider'and a small piece of double sided tape, this is more for rattle prevention than adhesion.

    On removal of the crank, hold your cover against the chainring with the crank arm portion covering the crank arm, and turn over and place on a flat surface.

    Now simply work the cable ties provided into position shown in 'Fig 1' and then do them up evenly and leave little slack for adjustment 'Fig 2'.

    Now turn the assembly over and, if needed, adjust the cover to fit so there is an even gap between the cover and chain around the majority of the cover. The turn it over and tighten fully and trim the excess cable ties off.

    As this is an interference fit part, you may need to sand some of the carbon down where the cover intersects the chain and chainring. To do this, insert the sand paper (supplied) in between the chainring and cover with the green abrasive side facing out (see Fig 3) and gently sand the overlapping section down, this shouldn't take long as carbon is easy to sand.

    Now peel off the backing on the double sided tape on the crank arm cover portion and press into postion, then wrap the end of the cover on the crank arm with some black electrical tape (not supplied) for the full aero look. The cover may rattle if you don't to this, which becomes very annoying on a 2 hour ride, trust me!

    Returns on this product cannot be accepted as there is adjustment and sanding of the part required. I test fit each one on the required chainring to make sure it fits.

    The kit contains 4 cable ties (2 spares), some sand paper and of course your Jolly's Carbon, Carbon aero chainring cover.

  • Lead Time

    I try to keep at least one of this product made, in stock and ready to go. But please allow up to 10 working day before dispatch.

  • Hand Crafted.

    This item is handmade and comes un-lacquered, so it has a raw carbon finish and may have a few small visual imperfections.

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