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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you want please feel free to use the contact me button.

  • Can't find the product you want?
    Only the products I currently make are listed for sale on my website. Feel free to keep checking back for new products.
  • Can you make the product I want?
    To make new products I need a mould. To have a mould made, I would need a perfect genuine part to make the mould from. Unfortunately, I am unable to make most moulds and use a reputable company to do these for me. Moulds cost anywhere from £350 (rear light surround) to £6,000 (fuel tank). These moulds are good enough for multiple parts to of the same quality to be made out of them.
  • Can you make a bespoke/ 'one-off' item?
    If you can make the part from a sheet of aluminium, I could then use that as a mould. This would only be able to produce maybe 1-2 parts out of it.
  • Can you make a part from a metal part I have?
    If it is a simple metal part, i.e. a heel plate, and has a smooth back that can be polished, then yes I can. This would only be able to produce maybe one or two parts.
  • Can I have mould made for a part I want?
    If you are willing to pay for the mould to be made and can supply the part to make the mould from, I can liaise with the mould maker for you and agree a price for the mould. I can advise you of the estimated cost to make that part at the outset and before we proceed. You will of course own the mould and I will agree to not make further parts from your mould unless you want them. I am willing to produce parts for you to sell on.
  • Will Jolly's Carbon pay for a mould for a part I want?
    Unfortunately moulds are expensive and I can't pay for everyones ideas to become a reality. However, if you have a few friends who are willing to club together to have a mould made, that could be a possibility.
  • Can you do carbon skinning or hydro-dipping?.
    Unfortunately not, as both of those are different processes to actually making parts from carbon fibre.
  • Can you do carbon repairs?
    Sorry I don't, as it can be very time consuming and requires a lot of different materials. I can however repair my own parts if you have had a whoopsie, just email me.
  • What's your 'Best Price'.?
    Seeing as I'm a very small business, working from my workshop at home my 'Best Price' is the one on my website. This is due to the fact that my profits are small and the material is so expensive. I always keep my margins tight and provide my customers with the best possible price. My prices tend to be less than anyone else's to start with and, if you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere, it is highly likely that it will not be the same quality, it will likely be fibreglass with one layer of carbon on the top. I may only consider giving a discount if you place a big order; i.e., over about £800.00. After all, you wouldn't go into your local supermarket and ask for a discount on your bread and milk... would you?
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