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I have combined my knowledge of the various air trays I have made over the years and taken the good points from each of them. Through constant tests and use of various prototypes on my own bike I have come up with this design. 

I have tested them on both the road and on the track.


This tray does away with the need for ANY rubber air boot either standard or the larger ones. 
It maximises the air flow to the engine, whilst saving 1.6kgs of weight.

Combined with a set of my air tubes this combination gives you a minimum of 7 BHP increase and a 4.7ft/lbs of torque as well as eradicating the flat spot at 5,000rpm. (As you can see from the Dyno chart)


I also make a version of this that fits the 57mm throttle bodies from the Gen 2 at no extra cost.

I have been using these air tray on my bikes since 2015.

  • Lead Time.

    I try to keep at least one of this product made, in stock and ready to go. But please allow up to 10 working day before dispatch.

  • Handcrafted Item.

    This item is handmade and comes un-lacquered, it has a raw carbon finish and may have a few small visual imperfections.

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